Parkesburg, PA I

Name: Parkesburg, PA I
Address: 4087 Lower Valley Road, Parkesburg, PA 19365
Telephone: 610−593−2471
Property Acreage: 26.2
Construction: Built to Factory Mutual Guidelines
PPL Honor Roll Seal
Warehouse Area: 348,000 Square Feet
Ceiling Height: 24 Feet 6 Inches
Walls: Concrete Block and Panel
Floors: 6 Inch Concrete
Date Built: 1977, 1980
Heat: Natural Gas
Water: Public
Sewage: On-Site
Zoning: Industrial
Sprinkler: 0.60 GPM - High Density
400,000 Gallon Tank with 2,500 GPM Diesel Pump
TruckDoors: 47 - No Delays
Railroad: Norfolk Southern - Main Line
750 Foot Inside Siding
Handling Equipment:
  • Electric and Propane Lift Trucks
  • Electric Jack Trucks
  • Drum Attachments
  • Carton & Paper Clamps
  • Order Pickers
Security: Monitored Sprinkler and Entry Alarm Systems
Computer: Red Hat Linux High Availability Cluster
Offices: 3,000 Square Feet Customer Office
Communications: Granite Telecommunications
Common Carriers: Served by all major carriers including small package carriers