The A. Duie Pyle Advantage: Our Resources Are Yours

A. Duie Pyle Dedicated offers unique and customized delivery solutions specifically tailored to our customer’s supply chain requirements. Our real estate and fleet assets including cross-docks, fulfillment centers and diverse delivery equipment all serve to empower our unmatched expertise servicing the complex and congested Northeast metropolitan markets. Pyle’s logistics centers located in these densely populated areas enable us to reach over 70 million consumers.

Using Pyle’s real estate infrastructure as your supply chain conduit allows us to efficiently and cost effectively manage the delivery challenges this congested market imposes on your business. Our competency and understanding of the Northeast market began in 1924 when A. Duie Pyle was founded and continues today with the same family ownership.

We strive to provide dedicated fleet and integrated solutions to improve your supply chain’s performance. We accomplish this by blending our service offerings and leveraging our assets, resources, and people to deliver to you a superior service and cost value proposition.

Engaged Ownership

Our owner-engaged leadership fosters a customer performance culture driven to achieve enduring long-term financial strength and leadership stability. Our Service First Culture is supported by our customer focused ‘ease-of-doing-business’ mantra. We remain committed to doing the right thing for the long-term and are not consumed with impacts on next quarter earnings.

Metro Service Expertise

Our strategically located service centers position you closer to your customers and suppliers. In a market which houses over 21% of the U.S. population, 1,627 cross-dock doors and 4.4 million square feet of fulfillment center space are available to support your supply chain needs. With over 2 million annual LTL shipments and 400,000 specialized dedicated deliveries in the Northeast, 80% of which are delivered within Pyle’s metropolitan network, we are able to leverage this density to economize the cost of your supply chain.

Customized Solutions & Design

Pyle takes an innovative and strategic look at your entire transportation and logistics network to find areas of opportunity while identifying hidden costs, problems and improvement potential. A custom tailored design with your unique needs in mind will streamline operational efficiency, eliminate waste and improve overall work flow and productivity.

Delivery Specialists

Multi-stop route optimization and final mile delivery services are in our DNA. Bulk, specialized services requirements, and complex unattended and reverse logistics solutions are supported by our multiple CDL driver classifications. Varied and multiple equipment applications are available including our legacy heavy-haul and specialized-permitted operations.

Service Integration

Easily integrate shipments into our next day LTL or Brokerage Solutions network when order volumes exceed fleet capacity and eliminate inefficient delivery routes and avoidable service failures. Put your products closer to your customers and improve speed to market by taking advantage of Pyle’s regional Warehouse & Distribution fulfillment centers. We can help you determine the best fit and integrate multiple service models under one agreement.

Private Fleet Conversion

Pyle provides flexible options for transferring your fleet, whether purchasing equipment or assuming leases. Capital conservation, risk avoidance, responsibility for CSA regulatory compliance and ending recruiting challenges is what you can come to expect with trusting us with your keys.

Driver Availability

Our Integrated Operations structure guarantees capacity by providing start-up, time-off, and emergency driver resources. Unique driver career advancement programs and our industry acclaimed truck driving academy assures you that Pyle People Deliver now and in the future.

Routing & Integrated Delivery Optimization

Appian Direct Route maximizes the use of your resources and reduces costs. Integrating our extensive Northeast real estate footprint, fulfillment centers and cross-docks, along with our dense Northeast delivery resources, we create responsive capacity at a lower cost.

Technology Innovation & Integration

Our integrated TMW operating platform encompasses support resources and provides accurate fleet location, route compliance, real-time notifications and confirmation statuses consistently without interruption. Enhance your customer’s experience by utilizing custom reporting, advanced tracking applications, EDI integration, and the benefits of our licensed software including BearWare.

Environmentally Conscious Operations

Pyle is committed to providing customers with environmentally-conscious operations and continues to invest in new and innovative green initiatives. Some sustainable solutions include solar-powered facilities, electric hybrid delivery equipment and energy efficient water and lighting at all service centers. All of these measures ultimately help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.


Formalizing the start-up of your customized solutions requires your active participation and begins well before the first-day of your operations. Together, our implementation process seeks your valued input and experience, providing the backbone for delivering Service First to you and your customers.

Continuous Improvement

With your insight, we create and implement the customized financial and performance metrics you need to drive your business. Custom reports provided weekly are formally reviewed by our dedicated advisors during the Customer Business Review process and will facilitate operational improvement and further develop a trusted partnership.

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