A. Duie Pyle Truck Driving Academy

If you are seeking a rewarding driving career, A. Duie Pyle’s Truck Driving Academy can give you the training you need to become a confident, well-paid transportation industry professional.

Upon graduation from A. Duie Pyle Truck Driving Academy you earn the classification to drive any size tractor trailer and are certified to handle all classes of HazMat. Most importantly, you receive a full-time paid position with A. Duie Pyle.

Once at A. Duie Pyle, you’ll drive the cleanest, most technologically advanced fleet of trucks in the industry, and will have the opportunity to keep your skills sharp with regular training. By joining Pyle’s award-winning work environment you’ll find something that’s rare today – a corporate culture that is family-oriented, caring and supportive. With a reputation for being one of the most reliable service providers in the Northeast, we ensure that our P&D drivers are home every night and our Line Haul drivers make it home for the weekends.

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The Program

The 10-week driver training program includes classroom and range training and 40 hours of behind the wheel one-on-one instruction. While enrolled in the program your lodging is fully paid, and you’ll earn your paycheck as you learn.

Our full-time training staff brings experience and in-depth knowledge to all aspects of the program. We combine customer service training with comprehensive instruction in the handling and maneuvering of van tractor trailers, and security and material handling. Hands-on instruction includes liftgate use, snow chains and cargo loading and securing, while range training includes all aspects of driving, including straight backing, parallel parking, alley docking, jack and chase to dock, on-grade start and stop, serpentine forward and backward, and control driving and shifting.

If you would like more information about our Truck Driving Academy, please contact:

Nate Miller
Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner


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